hi friends... in need help.. i cant change my desktop back ground... it's become white...

And also i got some tips from mircosoft windows... it said that my active desktop have been turn off... in order to turn on my desktop i need to go to the web tab in the customize desktop.. but i cant find my web tab...

every comment i will very appreciate it.....



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Hi, without it in front of me I'm not sure but....

a lot of bad malware right now is going around and one of the major things it does is turn on active desktop and turn your desktop into a link to their fraudulent site. Yoou don't have any weird things popping up and irritation you with things like "Your Infected" are you.

Hopefully not but if you did'nt turn active desktop yourself.... i'm not sure what else.

If thats not it and its just that active desktop is just turned on. I can tell you the registry entry to turn it off or other options.

let us know, good luck. (-by the way its not suppose to be there if it's XP)


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