Please help me! I am using Windows 98 and IE 6 at work, and everything has been fine until I installed Yahoo Messenger yesterday. Immediately after installation, IE started acting strangely.

If I have a browser window open and try to open a new window, the old browser window closes before the new one opens. I've never had this problem before and am very frustrated by it. Netscape Navigator didn't develop the same issue.

I tried uninstalling messenger, restarting the computer multiple times, resetting all defaults in IE, deleting cookies and temp files, and nothing has worked. I'm also getting IE error messages stating "illegal operation, program must close" a lot more than usual.

Anyone ever heard of this problem?? Any suggestions?? The computer tech support at my job is lousy and will take weeks if I leave it to them. I'm a reporter at a newspaper and this problem is seriously slowing me down! Please help!


do a virus scan, ad-aware scan, and spybot S&D scan then goto and download hijackthis. Scan with that and post your log in the SECURITY FORUM do not post here it is against froum rules.