Not sure if this is the right section to bring this up, but when I turn on my machine in the morning it starts up nice and quickly but when my screen appears with my desktop, the Dial-Up connection box is on the screen. It doesn't connect because the "connect automatically" is not checked. Can someone help me figure this out. Have ran Adaware, SpyBot, CWShredder?????? Wish I could make things "normal"

Info: my modem is about 5 years old....never been updated(OEM)
Help, please

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Check your system for any software which loads at startup, and in its Preferences/Options is set to 'Automatically check for updates". If the behaviour has only started recently, look for a program which was added just before it first started.


For a good place to start, I would run the msconfig utility and go to the services tab and select hide microsoft services (which leaves all user installed services visible, then disable all of them and reboot. If this gets rid of it, the one by one re-enable the services until it reappears...then you'll know what service is activating it.:)

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