Ok..I have tried religiously for close to a month in installing this OS on my new system with no avail!!!

Computer Spec's:
OS-(I want the OEM copy I bought and paid $200 in an effort to be legit)
Motherboard-Gigabyte MA790X-DS4
CPU- AMD Phenom 9500 Quad Core <---not proud at all and do not recommend
Ram- 2GB 1066Mhz (I think PC8500) DDR2
Video- NVidia GeForce 8800 GTS 512

Ok, I am aware that the motherboard is crossfire and not SLI..sue me ;-) I don't like ATI.

The problem I am having is right after the loading system files screen. It will flicker and go black and nada. Everyone I have told this problem instantly say's video card..wrong. I am using the computer right now with an alternate OS. I know one of my biggest problems is not sticking with Asus, but I wasn't very fond of the selection of AM2+ motherboards they had on the market. The gigabyte was a little more stable.

My question would be, does anyone know a way around this garbage, had the same problems or anything? I realize I am new to this forum..but, this problem has me hitting my head against a wall. Why would a 32 bit OS install and not a 64?

Any help would be appriciated..


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Ok..seeing as how no one answered my thread. I have an interesting fact..kind of stupid that Vista cannot detect it..but I figured out my own problem on a whim. Ok..Vista 32bit doesn't give a crap what your drives are set to. (I know this, because I was using a copy that was almost up as far as the activation.) You can have your CD/DVD drives set to CS and it will install like a champ. However, 64-bit will not. Set the drive to master and my LG-8162 to slave and it installed.


do you have 64bit processor. base on your specs it does not seem that you have one. 64bit will only install on a 64bit processor


do you have 64bit processor. base on your specs it does not seem that you have one. 64bit will only install on a 64bit processor

Yes..the new AMD Quad Core's are 64 bit only. So is the 1066 DDR2 Ram.

Sad..my first experience with a 64bit OS. I do have to appologize, I did a search and found this forum. After surfing around the forum I noticed you had an x64 page. So, appologies on posting in wrong area.

I seen another post you gave about the 64bit XP today. Odd that 64bit architecture requires a definate hardware configuration.

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