I'm running IE6 in Windows XP Home Edition on my laptop.

When I boot up, IE opens once with my home page. I've checked out the start up file, but it isn't requested to open at start up.

When the computer is left untouched for 30 mins, IE opens again unprompted (to my home page), 2 seconds later another window opens, followed by another and another until 43 IE windows are open and the system comes to a grinding halt. I then close the IE windows but every 2 seconds another opens and another and another. I eventually switch the computer off and boot up again.

I've tried to rectify by putting pop up killer software on but to no avail.
My Norton Antivirus doesn't detect anything.
I've done a system restore but it still does it.

Coincidently when i switch from battery to mains, IE opens unprompted (once only) - don't know if this is relevant.

I hope somebody can help me because it's driving me mad!

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You should post this in the security section...sounds like spyware. I would first try to remove anything that you know you're not using from Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel. Also you can try Adaware, at your own risk, from http://lavasoft.de

...if you decide to use Adaware then make sure you update the reference file before running.

As antioed said, this sounds like a spyware/adware problem; follow the advice in this thread to get you started on cleaning it up:
If you need to post an HJT log, please post it in a new thread in the Security forum.

To help a bit temporarily, try this:
Go to the Control Panel and open Administrative Tools; double-click on Services, see Internet Explorer is in the list; if it is, right-click on it and select Properties. Change Startup Type to Manual. Reboot and see if it helps.

Thanks guys for the advice. i'll pursue it and respond if necessary via the Security forum. Cheers again.

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