6 months ago, i encrypted all my documents and other data using windows encryption(windows XP pro). I have 2 partions C and D (each 20 GB). Windows is installed on C where as all my professional data is on D. MY Windows got corrupt so my computer guy formatted C drive and reinstalled XP on C. (the xp cd used this time was different from the one last time, beacause i misplaced the ist one).the D drive was left untouched.

However the encrption remained as it is and now ,because i changed the windows, it prevents me from viewing the data. Wnenever i try to open or even move the file, a message "ACCESS DENIED " appears.

i am realy stuck and my professional life is suffering .please help.

iam on windows XP -SP2.

please anyone help!!!!!!

Sorry, but it's gone!

The encryption needs to be removed using the user account it was created with. If the drive has been formatted and reinstalled, then I'm afraid there's no way to retrieve the data.

1. Your computer guy should have known that.
2. People should NOT use such features without first determining how they operate.

That certainly is interesting! Thanks for the heads up.

I had the same problem myself not too long ago. I hate to say I was used to WinME and how I could have multiple partitions and format/reload C: and still keep my other files and programs intact like nothing special had happened. Well, not only does Win2k/xp have encryption but just dealing with permissions is frustrating enough. Win2k is so stable of an OS that it took almost a year to have to reload C: (due to Direct X 9.0c before my games happened to implement it, couldn't connect to even one online). Anyways, I made sure that my group policy allowed for local auditing of permissions, owners, etc. and then I think I first removed the inherited permissions then changed to owner to my current admin account then created all new permissions to be able to access my fies, but truly I think that anything I had encrypted I had to delete. It would be interesting to have to try it again. I've learned a few things since I had to that particular time.

Will The Elcom Software Really Help Me?? I Will Purchase It If Required , And It Seems That It Will Work.

Sorry To Say The Efs Data Recovery Software Did Not Work Obviously No Keys Were Found.

My Computer Guy Has Suggested Some Technique Using Magnetic Fields And Something Like That To Break The Protection On The Hard Drive And Says That It Can Remove The Encryption.

Iam Not To Sure . Please Suggest

I think that using magnetic fields on your hard drive is likely to remove EVERYTHING!

To Catweasle,

I Know That It Is Almost Impossible To Recover Data. Cant Anyone Do Anything??? What If I Got Hold Of The 1st Cd With Which I Installed Xp . Will It Help????

By Anychance, Can Those Files Run On Any Other Computer.
I Know Those Files Cannot Be Moved. But What If I Created A Backup Of Them And Then Move The Backup To Another Computer???

Please Help!!!

The potential for this problem is why I once suggested in another thread that I would never use windows encryption. It is tied to the user security ID and that will always be lost if you completely remove the OS. No good encryption algorythm is breakable unless you have the key. Before you replace the OS, the key still exists somewhere in the entrails of windows, and it is probably possible to retrieve it with the right software, once you format and reinstall, I can't imagine anything being able to get it back. Sorry. FYI there are 3rd party applications that can save and encrypt your data and that don't tie themselves to the windows user. With one of these, you could always just reinstall the application and then recover your data. But that's for next time.

And next time, please accept that blank CDs are not only extremely inexpensive, they are the best security your data can have. If data is crucial, it deserves daily backups.

Thanks For Everything!