When i right click on any icon on the desktop i get this error
Explorer.exe application error
the instruction at 0x0146415b referenced memory at 0x00000000 the memory could not be written

It only happens after i install SP2 for Windows XP pro, when i uninstall it back to SP1 it works fine. Any solution?

Got Norton System Works 2004? It's badly behaved and causes conflicts with SP2.

(Chalk up yet another problem caused by Norton products ;))

Nope but i have Symantec Anti Virus Corp. & thats not the prob either, i ran msconfig --> selective startup & disabled everything. still didnt solve anything. Theres gotta be some other sulution.

Have you tried reinstalling SP2 fresh after uninstalling it? Yeah, sounds stupid, but ya never know.

Yep tried that too. When i uninstall Sp2, it works fine back on Sp1, its only when i install Sp2 again that the problem occurs

Adding to the above advice. If you have DIVX try uninstalling it. Also if you run a 3rd party Win/Shell extension (like Lite Step and or Windows Blinds uninstall it or exit out of the running app in explorer.exe) and see if the problem is still here. One or the other, or both should fix it for you. Both of these things have been know problems recently for the error message you indicated concerning SP2.