I have a Compaq ij600 printer. Before my print job starts a page comes out saying"Microsoft(R) windows Millennium Edition
Document: address of where I am printing from.
Printed By:default
Date and Time.This is getting very annoying and I cannot figure out how to fix it. K :cry:

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This page is known as a cover sheet. Sometimes it is setup on an application basis while other times it is systemwide. Does this just happen when you're using one program, such as Microsoft Word, for example? Or does it always happen? If it always happens, then go into the Control Panel and click on printers. Find your printer and right click onto Properties. (I'm almost 100% this is right, but I haven't used Windows98 since 2000). In any case, the printer properties varies from printer to printer and model to model. But there should be some reference somewhere in there to a cover sheet. (You might have to see if there are multiple tabs in the window).

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