Hi all, sure hope somebody can help me. On my sons computer, everything is big. The font and the windows. I tried to change the display settings but the window that opens is so big that the ok, apply and cancle button are behind the toolbar. I close the toolbar, but the buttons are still not there (like the screen is not big enough for them). I can't make the window smaler, so I have no clue how to change the settings so the windows and font woun't be so big.
Any help please......... :sad:

Can you 'pick the window up' by holding down the mouse button when the pointer is over the top title bar of it, and then 'drag' the windows upwards enough so that the buttons are visible?

Hey, I did that, but the window is still to large.

Then move the slider to the screen resolution you want, and then press <Ctrl> + <A> together. That is the keyboard shortcut for the 'Apply" button.

Ok, I tried that and it woun't except that comand. It gives me that "wush" sound LOL.
On top of that I have a new problem. I will start a new thread on that.

OK, I got that problem solved, can't belive that I didn't think of that yesterday :o I just used "Tab" to go through untill I got to "apply" and hit enter..............Boy I guess I didn't think right yesterday :D
Thanks a lot though !!!