I am trying to reinstall XP on my system. This isn't the first time I have done this. I have never had a problem before. The only difference now is that I recently had Ubuntu 7.10 on my system on a separate partition. I deleted that partition and my XP partition. Then reformated the Partition. After it reformats and copies the installation files it gives the message to restart like it usually does. upon restart I get the message to boot from CD as usual and I just don't press anything as usual. Then nothing happens. It stays hung on that screen. I have tried going through repair on the installation disk and used fixmbr and fixboot. Neither seemed to help. I don't think my hard drive is bad because I was able to go back and install Fedora 4 with no problem. Any suggestions? I have another partition that I would really like to keep but if I need to I will delete it. Thank you all for any help.

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go to the hdd makers web site and get a utility for that drive to get it ready for windows install .like maxblast for maxtor drive or seatools for segate hdd.


Thanks. I just deleted the other partition and was able to reinstall XP. It kind of sucks though. I just lost like 70+ gigs of Anime. Oh well. I'll just have to remember to not be lazy next time and back up my stuff to DVD.

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