I recently installed Norton Internet Security. Did a full system scan. Was
able to delete all but five files. All five are located in C:\RECYCLER (that's
what Norton tells me). The following is what I get from Norton.

The file C:\RECYCLER\S-1-5-21-2508614513-4166783643-2927389754-1003\Dc8.exe is a Adware threat.

Try just empting your recycling bin

Just FYI-

Recycler is a hidden system folder. To make it visible, open Windows Explorer, click on the Tools menu, and choose Folder Options. Under the View tab of the Folder Options box, uncheck the "Hide protected operating sytem files" option. Close Explorer and reopen it; the Recycler folder will be visible.

You may not be able to remove any virus from this folder as it usually is a nasty virus attached to you system restore. Once you hasve this folder visible you can disable the system restore by:
right click on 'my computer' and select properties. Then click on system restore tab and turn off for the short time you need to scan the folder. Then scan the folder and antivirus will deal to the virus. You must have an updated antivirus prog to effectively deal with it. Don't forget to turn system restore back on.

How did the virus infect. Well in my experience it came in from the USB drive. The virus comes under many names and has morphed into other types. Does WIn32/Virut ring a bell. I first noticed on a campus and until their antivirus was updated in ran rife infecting from usb to pc and back. It can also take down a network and one day shut off a whole room. Their solution eventually was reformat and upgrade antivirus which now deals to it. But again if your machine is infected and system restore creates a restore point with it (Thus the file in c:/recyclers) follow step above.

Helpful I hope


I have made a policy not to plug in any foreign USB drives as this virus attaches to it autoexec files and executes when windows loads the USB thus infection spread. It can then spread across a network.

for sure the folder is invisible. if you're using windows vista or higher, click on the start button, type folder options, view tab, select the option button for show hidden files and folder. if windows xp, then open my computer, select tools menu, folder options, views tab, show hidden files and folder, click ok.
it should be visible in your C:\ drive now but you cant delete it manually.

" Does WIn32/Virut ring a bell."? consensus is that it of no use trying to repair any Virut infection - the damage it does is too great.
If anything gets into System Restore you can remove it simply by toggling Restore off then on again. That clears all Restore files.
Please don't confuse X:\Recycler [part of recycle bin] with X:\SysVolInf [restore points for that drive].
anything in the Recycle Bin is easy to deal with.
That was a deeeep dredge.. Sept 2004. But anyway....

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