When trying to install the game Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath i get this error message;

"Error reading setup initialization file"

What does this actually refer to? After some googling i found out that the file could be corrupt, if it is corrupt, how would i un-corrupt it? This setup file is on a DVD so i am unable to edit it.



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usually, caused by a dirty or scratched dvd or a dvd drive problem.so clean the disk and try again

why not try the trial version from the web site then install the full dvd version over it. and clean the disk as caper suggest

I have checked the disc as well as the drive, and no scratches or foreign bodies on it. I get that message when i first start up the installing process.

is there an INI file on the dvd? can you extract the dvd to the hard drive and try installing.

If thats the case consider the some important file/s missing.Im almost absolutely sure the problem is on the disk.Is the disk original

probably a copy protection problem. EA games cause problems with many drives.

There is no setup.ini file, just a setup.exe, which i think is the problem. Also james i doubt its copy protection seeing as it installed the first time fine. I don't know what has gone wrong! After a power down, then power back up, it just died and the game wouldn't load.
Yes the disc is the actual proper legitimate, legal disc that i bought in a shop!

just my opinion !
I think it see that it was installed before and is looking for the created setup.ini,when it was last installed and can't find it ,because the program was un-installed improperly .
I suggest ccleaner to clean up old files & registry entries .

Deinstall the game

do a google for the MS office / windows installer cleanup tool
Run it .If kanes wrath is shown in the list, use the tool to remove it

This basically removes it from all windows installer databases.


and if you have ms office installed all ready do install the uninstaller ,as it will uninstall the uninstaller, allready installed if you have msofice .lol
just did mine anyway ,then ireinstall it but cant fine where to run the uninstall from
didn't know it would uninstall other programs as well



the tool isnt for uninstalling - the files remain, it just tells the windows installer that it never existed.

handy because some programs dont like it it you try and install the RTM version after having the betas and other random problems like that

I have used C-Cleaner caperjack, cause bennet sent it to me :P
I reinstall it again, seeing as EA have comeback with something new to try.

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