how do i block the website... this is what i did to block the website from bussiness computer. i went to tools internet option security click on restricted site and block the site but that dosent help me. some how the user did access the sites and i want to block it completly and this is the site that i want to block basically the workers are chatting on it all the time rather then doing there work ....... any help will be appriciated. and thanks in advanced ..

Use NetNanny:
It isn't too expensive and gives total control over what users can and can't do online.
It is password protected and you can set different privileges for different users.

is there anything in windows that i can use to block this sites. thanks

If all you want is to block a particular site then you can't do more than you have already.

Maybe you didn't set a Supervisor Password?

Go to the General Tab in Internet Explorer. Make sure that both boxes are ticked (users can see websites... and Supervisor can type password... ).
Then click "Create Password" and set a password.

This should work. If you have tried this and doesn't work then either your password is compromised or you have a different problem to the one posted: Why does the Supervisor Password not work!

Good luck

i have no idea what tab ur trying to make me tick ...... can you please guide me again i was in general tab and all i found is >>>>use current,use default,use blank
>>>>delete cookies,delete files,settings
>>>>>clear history
this all i can find there

Hi, I was referring to the general tab in "content advisor":

Tools --> Internet Options
Content Tab
Click Enable
Approved Sites: Add your site and click deny
General Tab: Tick both boxes and Create Password

IE should block this site using the procedure you used. Did you click "Add site"?
You could add this site to your hosts file:
Go here:
Use Notepad or Wordpad to open "Hosts"
add the following and save the file:
You'll need to do this on each computer you're concerned about.
There's nothing wrong with warning and firing the workers, of course.

thanks its working great,had to restart the computer after i add the site ...

in my pc there is no HOSTS file,
but when i search it will show
iamhosts file.. so in iam hosts file
how can i add code stuff

you can use a program call K9 would have to be installed on all pc and its free, do you use a server for the pc at work. if you block the site as reccomemded there are ways around it.

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