I am running Windows XP Pro with SP2, I have my server setup running as a domain controller, can I access active directory from a snap in? I hate going into remote desktop!


yes you can

just research the possibilities of MMC

Ive been looking, how do I actually get it? what section is it under add a snap in menu?

WOW cheers m8!

yeah rightclick "my computer" and choose manage
then go action -> connect to another computer

Done it through a admin pack from Microsoft online

you can do it from any NT based pc that has MMC (all after NT4 do)

But I dont think you can get all the services as you would from if you where was at the machine :)

you can get the services.msc MMC alright.
but if you want server specific stuff you need to install the adminpack - that will allow you to create MMC consoles to server specific services.

Cheers again!

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