Same as Roda but,
I am having problem with my IIS on Windows 2000 Advanced Server. I've been trying to create a virtual directory from a shared folder on another Drive (NTFS) than the root Drive. After the directory was created, I see the red ERROR icon on the left of the folder. The State Field is set to Access Denied.
- What is wrong ?

Anyone can help me please?


You need to configure a user logon name and password in the virtual directory settings to a user configured on the remote pc. The instructions escape me at the moment. If you can't figure it out, I'll try to look it up for you.

thanks for your answer.
Sorry for my english...
I have read many things about this on the web, everybody speaks of this error about remotePC, not other drive on the same PC

BUT, the virtual Directory is on the same PC as the IIS Root Directory (InetPub\wwwRoot), just another drive...
(The PC is a Windows2000 Advanced Server -Primary Domain Controller- with VS6SP4, installed with the sheme of the Microsoft Official Course 1907AT : no problem)

When I create a folder, anywhere, on the same drive as the drive where is InetPub\wwwRoot, its works fine.
But on another drive, the red Error Icon, Access Denied...

So do not understand.

Sorry I misunderstood, this generally crops up on mapped drives. You might try checking the events logs for an error after you try accessing it and see if the log entry gives you a clue. I don't know of anything but security issues that would cause this. Is there an html page there that you are trying to display or are you just trying to list the contents? If you're trying to list the contents, make sure you enabled that capability in your Virtual Directory. All I can think of off hand.

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