I get Windows Me half way loaded and then get an error message that says error code 06:0028:00000002 press any key to continue or controll, alter, delete to restart computer. I did install an Iomega zip drive external 650 and all the sofeware that came with it. Everythings works fine, just don't know what error code 06:0028:00000002 means or now to fix it.

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error code 06:0028:00000002 press any key to continue or...

Is that the complete and exact text of the error? If not, please post the error exactly as it appears on your screen, along with any other info that might appear in the error dialog box.

I found out that the new cd/rw drive I put into my computer has a driver that was not comptable with ME. I download the new driver and the problem is solved. The error message just said code 06:0028:00000002 press any key to continue or controll, alter, delete to restart computer.any information you have will be lost if you restart your computer. I never did find out what code 06:0028:00000002 meant.

The "06" is the error code for an invalid operation, and an incorrect or corrupt driver could certainly cause this error.

This error is returned if any one of the following conditions are true:
The processor tries to decode a bit pattern that does not correspond to any legal computer instruction.
The processor attempts to execute an instruction that contains invalid operands.
The processor attempts to execute a protected-mode instruction while running in virtual 8086 mode.
The processor tries to execute a LOCK prefix with an instruction that cannot be locked.

The remaining portion of the error is the pointer/offset combination specifying the location in memory where the invalid instruction occured. The numbers in this portion of the error will vary depending on the exact program/piece of code that caused the error.

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