This is not a 'signing in issue'. I get: problems with this webpage might prevent it from displaying or functioning properly etc.etc, everytime I try to "forward","reply" or "new message" in msn messenger 6.2 mail. I have configured my firewall with sp2, followed steps at and Anyone here got any help for me?

I hope that I don't get heck for adding a reply to my own thread, but I wanted to add some info.

I have changed my security settings (re: script) and done a repair to MSN Messenger 6.2 thru both "add/remove" and MSN website. I am still recieving this Internet Explorer message at the "compose" section of MSN Messenger 6.2.

When I click on the details of the message there are things like:

Line:29, Char:10, Error: Expected ')', Code: 0, (bunch of letters and #'s that change almost each time).

I've gone to jonathankay and microsoft for help, but nothin suggested there seems to work. Someone here got anything? Thanks in advance.

Well I must apologize again for replying to my own thread, however I have some new info.

I was just informed by someone who has the same problem as myself, that "someone at msn changed something to do with the html on their webpage and IE doesn't support it".

Apparently, any one who has had to unistall or re-install stuff, or update from msn recently, has or will get this problem. I guess there is no "fix" for it right now.

If anyone can find out more about this, Please reply to me here or email me at my hotmail. thanks!

Again, my apologies! I received an automatic update yesterday from Microsoft and as of this morning, the message that I was receiving in the compose area of MSN Messenger 6.2, is no longer appearing. Was this the "fix" (who knows)?

I was just informed by someone in the microsoft newsgroup that I might have received the update for name removal for beta testing. I wasn't testing anything for them, so we're not sure why I received the update. Whatever the reason, it worked!