I tried to install windows XP over my other xp to reformat and I went through all the steps and such and when I boot up I have the 2 choices of Windows XP and Windows XP. Also when I go into my C drive it looks like I still dont have alot of free space?? maybe I still have 2 operating systems or something. Is there anyway of deleting my old XP? Im just confused ;)

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You seem to have installed it to a different folder than your original XP was in. You should have formatted first, to remove all data that was there. You are now in a bad position, you can probably delete the old version of XP, but there will be a lot of detritus left behind, and you won't regain all the hard disk space that is used unless you find every file on the drive you don't need.

I'd recommend a good reformat, then reinstall XP. I'll give you a link to Catweazle's excellent articles on how to do this:


Hope this helps. :)


Ok I got it all straight I had to re-install windows like catweazle said in that guide, and I deleted the old partition, so I only have 1 windows XP on my system now with my C: drive 94% free space with 2.11 gigs used or something. THANKS GUYS YOU SAVED MY ASS AGAIN!!!

Great! Take care now. :)

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