We have an HP with Vista and we use WIndows Mail.
I recently added CA anti-virus, spam, etc.

It constantly freezes up and we have to constantly reboot.

ANy sugggestions on how to get his workingproperly?

Did you uninstall your old (original) AV first?

Did you uninstall your old (original) AV first?


it came with norton

i uninstalled that

Norton/Symantec is notoriously difficult to get rid of!

Even though it may appear uninstalled, it leaves many reminants in the registry and program directory that can cause issues with your new security system.

the presence of uninstalled security software in the Registry can conflict with newly installed security software, and cause system freezes. So can folders of "uninstalled" programs for that matter.

This is what i believe is happening in your situation.
What you need to do is remove any left over Norton/Symantec files and folders from both the registry, the program directory and anywhere else they may lie.

There are some specialist tools which can help you to do this which i will link for you below.
Also have a look at this tutorial:


Norton removal tool:
(Have a look here for the tool that best suits the version or suite that you had installed)

Good Luck!

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