Our company has a W2K3 SP2 server with ADS installed and running. Previousely some of the machines were logging into the domain / AD while most were running in "Workgroup" mode. For better management, I brought all of them in AD. Ever since, new systems are showing a peculiar problem, When I am trying to access other machines on the domain, it is asking for username password. Suppose I give the username/password of that machine's user, its running ok for - say a couple of days or three, then again the problem re-surfaces, and I have to do it all over again.
Please HELP

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Does the user account you are logged into on the local machine have permission to access the resources on the remote system?

They are all domain users. and have access to resources in the remote systems.

you need to stop using local user credentials, only the domain ones.
and set permissions according to that

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