I’m running windows xp home edition currently with SP1 and when trying to update to Windows XP Sp2 via the windows update site it advised that there were various downloads I needed to install to use the update site but when trying to install these it fails on them all the first two are:
Update for windows xp (KB898461)
Update for background Intelligent transfer service BITS 2.0 (KB42773) in the status windows both have errors code ox8007f0e9 and if I search for these kb installs and try and install them that way I get the error "The updatebr.inf file is invalid.

Any help would be really appreciated

Thanks in advance

Cheers Tom

You can have M$ send you a CD with the SP2 for two dollars as I recall, even with dial up that is a large download. If you install the SP2 that should update some of the security issues.

Hi guys thanks for the advice I got hold of a copy of SP2 on CD but even when I run it from there I still get the error "The updatebr.inf file is invalid.

Any more advice would be greatly recieved.

Cheers Tom