i've come accross with another problem in my comp.
for the past 2 months my computer has been freezing up, restarting, or having a black screen at random times. it really bus me because whenever i am doing a write-up for homework, or playing games or browsing on the web, it happens. and last night it happened four times in less than 20 minutes. the first two times froze; and then the 3rd and 4th time, it restarted.

so i would like to sovle this problem immediately.
itd be great for the help you guys would give me.

2 MONTHS ,long time in the life of a computer ,did you at least open the case to see if all the fans were full of dust ,and if so clean them out ,heat can cause freezing and reboots .
also driver conflicts and or bad ram .
If you have a winxp cd ,boot to it and do a repair ,go to the recovery consul hit R for repair and at the prompt type in CHKDSK /f

yeah i checked for dust and i already cleaned it like a month ago (and there was like a handful all piled up in the cpu fan lol), and i just reformatted it 2 months ago.. so ever since i reformatted it, it kept on restarting, freezing, or having a blk scrn alrdy.. but not as much as now. oh btw, what do you mean by bad ram?

but okay, i'll try doing the Checkdisk.

i'll give you guys more updates after i finish.

uhm... i tried doing CHKDSK, but i dont exactly know what to do after
... and this is what it said when i typed in CHKDSK /f: "Chkdsk cannot run because the volume is in use by another process. Would you like to schedule this volume to be checked the next time the system restarts? <Y/N>

and yeah.. thats about it..

re-read my other post ,i told you to restart the computer when you set it to run the chkdsk.
the error message means windows is running on the volum

a computer has memory module called RAM,consisting of many little chips on a long board,, ,one or more usually ,and the get bad ,whereas they work but can cause errors when a program try using the bad part of the ram, RAM= random access memory