dear friend,

I am using windows2003(vistacapable)& ie-7,this is office p.c.
and i am not the admin of this pc,i am using a limited accound.
Today when i started my pc i found my homepage opening automatically,and i cant find any minimizetab or closetab,nothing in the taskmaneger,wen i endprocess(explorer.exe) in taskmaneger the whole icons in my display will be dissapered,it is coming again and again,i done>tools>internetoptions>advanced>reso... advanced settings and reset,but no use still my display is filled with my homepage, i am using kaspersky and windows defender those are being well updated ...
few days before i had uninstalled mozila firefox,is it due tothat?
and now i had installed it again and my explorer is still windows,
i can see mozila on my satrtmenu>allprograms.
but when i check controlpanel>add or remove programs>i cant see mozila insalled.
is tih virus/torjan?
here nobody to help me.
i pray before you.....to help me..,
so please help me..........please

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If you can access the Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Delete), then you end the process for IE (iexplore.exe).

Hope this helps...

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