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i didnt think the quick launch ate up barely any memory at all because it was just an icon for programs that you wouldnt normaly put icons on your desktop for, so you dont have to double click.

and by tray icons are you refereing to the ones on the far right? icons displayed on the far right are in an active state of running, so yes they would eat up more memory.

unless i totaly misread what you wanted to know then in that case.....:o


KT is correct, the quicklaunch toolbar is no different from your icons on the desktop. It's more like a smaller version of the start menu.


That's the info I needed, thanks. Too cheap to purchase any more memory just now, so I need to use extra sparingly. I think I'm gonna take some stuff out of the tray icon section (far right) and stick them into the Quick Launch. i haven't used it before. Looks to be worth a shot... thanks again, all.........

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