My laptop: AMD Turion64- OS -Windows Vista Home Premium. Version 6.0.6001-Service pack1 ....System Model 331...HDD 40GB

Original OS: Windows XP home edition.
I some times experience sudden system shutdown and some windows options, such as system's Hibernate, sleep and lock stop working. Most importantly,
I keep getting the following error message at startup (boot up):"Realtek RTL 8139/8138 PCI Fast Ethernet Controller V2.13 Media Test failure PXE-E61 Check cables"
All drivers (network controller, adapters and etc) are up to date. I am using a wireless-G note book adopter to access the internet through a wireless router.

I appreciate any help on this thread.


If you do not use the hardwire NIC to connect to the network, I would disable it. Right-click on your wireless networks icon in the system tray (by the clock) and click open network connections. Double-click the wired network connection and click properties. Select configure in the next window and at the bottom select one of the do not use this device options. Click OK. For the other problems, heat may be a concern. Make sure the laptop is cooling adequitely. Try elevating the back of the laptop and blow out the fan.