Hello from another newbie,
I wonder if any of you could help with this irritating problem that has been getting more intrusive.
I have a year old Intel 2.8Ghz box which came with XP Home edition pre-installed. I set it up with individual logins for each family member. Over the last few weeks when one of us has finished and logged off, when we log back in the screen changes as per normal to the 'loading personal settings' and then freezes. I've tried all the Function Keys with and without Control/Alt, which occasionally 'jumps' you into the desired desktop where you find startup applications like Adaware already running. So it appears that part of the loggon process has taken effect it is just that the display and keyboard havent gone along for the ride.
The Winkey-L will occasionally bring up the master login in screen showing the list of users, with the select user showing as having n programs running and you can click on that user successfully.
Albeit that the next user will have the same problems next time round.
I am not aware of any new apps being loaded on but can't guarantee what my daughter may have loaded.
Sorry it's long winded but I'm somewhat perplexed.
Any ideas or suggestions
Regards Johnboy51

Uncheck all the startup programs using MS Config and then see whether you are still experiencing the same problem or not.