This just started 2 days ago my computer is 3 years old. When surfing internet i could be on the computer 5 minutes or 4 hours it doesn't matter how long i'm on the internet, my computer shuts off shows black screen stating No singal and shuts off. I've ran hardware and motherboard dianostics everything comes back no problems. I've tried restoring that didn't work.

I have cleaned out the dust it runs alot quiter but the issue is still happening. It looks like i'm loosing the signal from the tower but why.

Any help with this issue would be appreciated.

Thank you

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is it only happening when you surfing the net or in your normal windows explorer ass well

When i'm on windows explorer i took out my norton and reinstalled it so far the computer hasn't shut off, why nortons was interfering i don't know. If that was the problem or not.


install another anti virus and while actively on the net monitor your machine for a day or so to see if if the prob had found its rest

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