I thought this was weird because i cleanup all my files and deleted old programs i rarely ever use through add/remove programs from control panel. but i did get a virus/spyware on my computer two weeks ago. but after running spybot, spydoctor, avg and avira, it says im clean. help?

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Virtual memory is that part of your harddrive used for extra ram.
how big is you drive and how much free space is on it .go to mycomputer to find out

on my local disk it says 71 GB and free space is 54GB

caperjack while waiting on myswitjenn, I have a curious question tell me if my amount of HD space is 80gb with 65 free and memory is 1gb, im running virtual pc 95(for business) on windows xp why do you think am I getting the error message that im running out memory when in virtual machine 95
(Sorry for the invasion and thanx for the help)

How much memory did you dedicate in the VM setup? Remember that total memory here is :

Total PC memory = memory used by OS + memory used by the VM.

Make sure you are not over that formula.

VM does give you a recommended max limit witch is 764 mb recommended limit 64mb.Ive played around with it for the sake of troubleshooting with no success

Ok I have checked on task manager and it seems like my Firefox is taking up the most space or memory.

memory leaks are an issue with some versions. Upgrade your FF.

My FF is updated to the latest version. I did do a scan with AVG and found some tracking cookies. I deleted them all. But i see in my task manager that i have two firefox.exe for some reason. one uses about 546,000 VM size while the second one uses 89,000. what is this?

that K or MB?

if its MB then something is wrong - virus?

that K or MB?

if its MB then something is wrong - virus?

its K

thats normal then. I think it spawns a seperate thread for each tab / window

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