Running TS on Server2003 with 10 connection licenses. Been working fine for months. About 2 weeks ago, one of our techs could not connect via RDC any longer. Gets the "this computer can't connect to the remote computer..." message. If I log into his PC using my domain account, no problem. He can go to another PC and log in remotely under his domain account, so it has to be something in the profile stored on that PC belonging to that user. Now it's spreading to other users on other machines in other states. It actually happened to me a week back, but it self-corrected itself - M$ Magic. :)

Any thoughts? Anything in their profiles store locally or in the reg I should check. This has me very perplexed.

Thanks. Murph

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Hey Murph,

Just had the same type of issue happen to me in my network of about 210 computers. It started with one workstation, and somehow migrated to about 5 before I was able to resolve the issue. On the first workstation I after this happened, the remote settings changed to gray out the use of remote assistance and remote desktop. I had to remove these functions from my computer, and reinstall them with an xp install disk. This worked on the first machine, so I did this to the others and they came out fine too! I am not sure if this might be the same thing, but it could be worth a shot. Good luck!

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