im new to daniweb i signed up today to find out what the hell is wrong with my computer it is causing me distress.

i have aol broadband 9.0 aol may or may not be the cause of this (i use IE to browse) i cant log onto certain things e.g msn , games(diablo2 counter strike and runescape) i use all of these frequently and they are essential to my sanity i first noticed the problem when i tried to subscribe to runescape and become a member (http://Runescape.com ) but you have to securely log on to subscribe i type in my password and accoiunt name and click secure login but it displays"action cancelled"

my dad downloads a lot of things on dc++ and our internet protection software has expired and i think a virus may be the cause or my settings have been changed can you please help me


Also when i try to login on msn and diablo it says something along the lines of could not connect to the network (refering to the network for the program)

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