When I start up my comp win98, P-III, HP Printer, HP-Scanner, Pinacle TV Card Attached. it says windows protection error, press any key to restart.
whenI prss any key, it just shuts down.
Then, when I turn it back on, it gives me startup options (you know, start in safe mode, safe mode with networking, start up normally, etc.) After running in Safe mode for 5-10 Minutes when I restart it it runs in normal Mode for meny hours without any problem.

A protection error indicates a problem with a virtual device driver in your system. You'll need to give us more information concerning the problem in order for us to be more specific:

- When did the problem start occuring?

- Had you made any hardware or software changes to the system right around the time you started getting the error?

- Have you run any diagnostic programs or done any other troubleshooting yet?

To narrow down the culprit, try the "Logged (\Bootlog.txt)" option in the startup menu. That will create a textfile named bootlog.txt in your root (C:\) directory which will contain entries indicating the load status ("success" or "failed") for each device driver that Windows loads at startup.

Obviously, Windows will probably throw up the protection error and freeze at some point during the logged bootup, so you'll have to reboot into Safe Mode to read the contents of the bootlog.txt file. Hopefully you'll find entries in the file which indicate what specific driver(s) failed to load.

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