I have got a .bat file to update some folders and programs etc into Windows NT stations' START MENU. It works actually BUT noted sometimes I NEED to do a PC logoff and relogin before I can see the START MENU being updated with my changes. Doing a refresh doesn't work.

Really suspect it's got something to do with Windows behavior...or even the registries (which I know NUTS and been told before that such are not advisable to touch if one is not sure of what these registries meant..) Any expet can help answer & resolve my this problem??

HELP !!! :sad:

If you use a roaming (or mandatory) profile, this would account for that, since roaming profiles are only updated on save, i.e. logout.

No, the PCs are not with roaming profiles. There isn't a consistency...some are ok ie start menu will get updated immediately but there are some which will see the updates only after performing a logoff and re-login. Any idea what is the actual cause and how to actually fix this problem such that I don't need to logoff and re-login in order to view the start menu updates ?? ;)

Will. it sounds like explorer is caching the Menu. You can try using KiXtart and see it that helps.

That's why i am wondering if it has got anything to do with the registers... :sad: btw, what's KiXtart? :o can oso kindly explain how to use this and where to get it ? :cheesy:

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