well i get these annoying sounds from my computer, i ahve reinstalled the sound card but it didint help. i hear it when anytime that a sound should be played, such as mp3's, videos, windo sounds, etc. they are repeasting sounds that jsut go on until i stop the song or the sound ends. does anyone have any clue on what to do?

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is it only when you play mp3 and video files b/c they could be bad files and just not play right.


Some things to try:
1. unplug the speakers from the back of the PC, and plug in a set of headphones. See if you still get the noise. If not, then the speakers are the prob.
2. Check Device Manager to see if it says your sound card is working properly. You didn't mention the version of Windows, but you can find Device Manager by right-clicking the My COMputer icon on the desktop (or on the Start Menu in XP).
3. Be sure all the volume, balance, etc. sliders are set correctly. Do this from Control Panel/Sounds and Audio Devices (again this varies with Win version). Under the Volume tab click Advanced to see all the sliders (or double click the little speaker icon in the system tray if it is there).
4. REinstall the Soundcard drivers. Just right-click the sound card in Device Manager and choose REMOVE. REboot and let Windows reinstall the drivers.

Good luck,

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