I have a legacy computer with 256, Asus P2B board and the Win98SE was stable. I used the machine for music production but my head kept bumping against the 64K ceiling. Before jumping to the bloat of XP, I decided to give W2K a run before I purchased more RAM.

Steps: - zipped up my FAT32 c: drive and moved it to another HD. Did W2k's upgrade/compatibility changes and then went ahead with the W2k upgrade and converted the C drive to NTFS. No problem until about 1/3 of the way through "Upgrades programs and System Files" , the setup rebooted itself. I've been through this eight times and same thing happens at same time. I've read the setuperr.log and the only "fatal" error is that the setup process cannot open and expand a file NT5inf.cat and the process stops and reboots.

I can't get around this and I have even tried to put the CD contents on the C drive and "steer the setup process to the C drive instead of the CD drive. No joy.

No I don't want to do a clean install - I hate problems I can't get around!! I don't want to lose the data (fortunately not Gigs of wave files) but program files which I'd rather not reinstall. On the plus side I do have the original C Drive content (Fat32) zipped up. I do have my original 95 and SE upgrade disc . . . .so I can go back and recreate the drive.

I have been trying to upgrade using an OEM Sp2 for W2K and I have a valid product number. Nowhere can I find an acknowledgment of this setup loop and I have even read that XP upgrades have this problem too. IS THERE A SOLUTION BEYOND THE OBVIOUS CLEAN INSTALL?????

Cheers - Legacyguy

cannot open and expand a file NT5inf.cat

scratched disc?

There is scratch but can't say where approx it is on the disc. But I have a kit. I'll give it a try. Would assume that copying the disc would perpetuate the problem? - cuz I've tried that.

I have also read that an Adaptec CD Creator file causes the same problem except that I don't have the Adaptec sys file.

I'll try to fix the disc - will let you know.


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