Im running Virtual Machine95 on a XP machine.the xp machine has 1 gig ram 80gig Hard drive and a 2.0 ghz cpu.everytime the user uses the VM95 he gets the error massage out of memory error.I then need to restart the VM program. I did increase the ram size on the Virtual machine they recommend 256 mb,I made it the recommendation and also increased/decreased it. The file paging size I've also changed to different size's. The poblem happens so ones or twice a week.But its a small bugger that I would like to fix
Anyone with any other suggestions...
Thanks dani peeps

1) wtf is Virtual Machine95
2) if its an emulator, then your real pc needs to have enough ram to run xp (at least 384ish + the amount the emulated pc is using.)

you dont know what virtual machine is?lol...thats news.its almost like virtual server 2000/2003 where you can run the program that acts as a independant OS,but its actually "piggy backing" on the actual OS. witch in my case virtual machine95(windows 95) is "piggy backing" on windows xp(my real OS).I hope you understand...
ohk.So I had 512mb ram upgraded it to 1gig I thought that was going to be enough but looks like its not.anyway I thought that maby someone would be firmiliar with it. thanks anyways

Hello, am I correct assuming that you are using vmware player? This is the most common OS emulator on the market. If so, then you must be aware of some things; vmware player is the free version of their software suite, and lacks their "vmware tools" set. Having this vastly increases the emulation performance of windows based OS's. I would recommend either upgrading your copy or searching google for further options.

sounds fair and reasonable.also my apologies if my explination didnt sound firmiliar @ first. in SA they call hings sometimes diffrent to what you guys call it