its in that valut thing now but i hope thats the only problem when you teach me how to do screenshots i can show u the network thing on task manager and its weird it seems like my comp isnt getting the inforamtion
when u do tell me how i will show u services and also task manger(ctrl+alt+del)


did you do your services yet
heres everything youll need

i did them along time ago i still have alot of processes i dont know what it did let me take a screen shot so i can show u that and the task manager

what should i download on that last message i need to stop downloading so much what are u going to let me do with aidia32 thingy

dude i cant download all this crap my dad thinks theres viruses in evreything unless this can help fix my problem i would rather not download them




do they help at all there tiny



i took pics there real crumy it looks like

what do i do with this?

what up are u going to get that virus out of my computer

When I click on links page to open up web page,it does not open up in new window.Im using explorer6.How to fix up this error

When I click on links page to open up web page,it does not open up in new window.Im using explorer6.How to fix up this error

Yet again another classic case
Read other Similar threads where I posted the answer/opinion to this question theres several ways to solve this I use the stable browser Mozilla

Now back to the original question at hand
BIG"B's Linked Online Security FOR XP
Top Four Security Downloads (you must have them)

Note: All downloads above are worthless without updates


  • Netgear
    RP114, RT314, RT311, MR314, RP334, RP614, MR814, HR314, DG814
  • D-Link
    DI-713P, DI-604
  • Linksys
    BEFSR41 with firmware version 1.43 or later
    BEFSR81 with firmware version or later
    BEFW11S4 with firmware version 1.42.7 or later
  • SMC
  • Siemens
    SpeedStream 2624 Wireless DSL/Cable Router
  • ECT...
  • Routers without built without NAT will serve no protection
  • QUESTION: What is NAT BIG"B"
  • DEFINITION:Network address translation(NAT) is used to remap IP #'s from one address range to another range of network addresses. For TCP and UDP, this also can include the port numbers. The IP#'s/port #'s are changed when a packet is going out through an interface and IP Filter matches it against a NAT rules.
    Packets coming back in the same interface are remapped, as a matter of course, to their original address information.


  • DEFINITION: SmoothWall is a best-of-breed Internet firewall/router, designed to run on commodity Intel (or compatible) PCs, and to give an easy-to-use administration interface to those using it.

This has been another BIG"B" PRODUCTION

CSCGAL I Need more robust [bb] Codes to choose from

i found a virus after update
it name is
and it says healable

Solution to virus

Also that comwiz.exe http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcenter/venc/data/backdoor.irc.comiz.html and winnet.exe are the markings of a trojan. If you haven't already, run tauscan from www.agnitum.com or TheCleaner from www.moosoft.com

are you using an administrator account, and if so, make yourself a limited account to avoid all of these trojans and viruses in the future. Once you set yourself up a limited account, programs can simply be run by right-clicking the application and do the "run-as" it will prompt you for the administrator password and voila you're able to run your normal applications with the apporpriate permissions as you used to with you're admin account. Running a limited account is imperative when trying to avoid viruses and trojans, remember, never download from a suspicious site ok, always download from a trusted source like www.webattack.com or www.zdnet.com


Everyone should take note of this neglected process list

what do i need to download exactyly which virus?do i have

i found one the 2nd removal thing

i dowloaded it and updated it it and it is 54% done but i found one on that other thing that u told me to get the removal download the second download i found one and it dealeted it

its donr and there is none it said

i have that tauscan one and it didnt find anythinf i found the welch one though and it took care of it do i have more if so what do u want me to download because all thoses other ones didnt do anything and what do u want me to do with that aidia32 thing that i downloaded it tells alot of information

So you ran a virus scanner and it found viruses? www.sarc.com provides free removal tools to common viruses. (Do a search)

i found one the welch one and he got me a tool i used and it took it off but he says i have more look at my task manager and tell me what u think

how do u do a search

can u come on tonight possibly go to go to a demo (skate)

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