Hi Everyone.

Long story short: Dad's Win XP computer had issues connecting, little sister would pull ethernet cable out from onboard nic into her laptop for access, /releasing & /renewing each time. That wore out onboard nic, I came to TX to visit from FL, with this issue. Installed PCI dlink nic, (disabled onboard nic) reset dsl modem 23034 times, cannot directly view webpages. I've even installed Mozilla and attempted to view pages from Windows Explorer. MSN messenger works, as well as pinging yahoo & google from CMD prompt.

Plugged the dsl modem directly into the laptop I'm typing this up on, and it works fine.

Ive ran winsockfix, reinstalled TCP/IP settings, no windows firewall on, uninstalled nic drivers, pulled nic out, reinstalled it and am scratching my brain at this point. I would really not like to spend the next 3 hours formatting/reinstalling. Also, read a suggestion on here to try running Stinger, done that. No backdoor trojans. Any other brains to pick out there would help me. Thanks everyone, in advance.

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Well, I went with my instinct here and just did a dirty installation of windows, that fixed it. Had to have been some corrupt files, so now all is well. Hopefully this will save some other people some issues, I should have just did a dirty installation in the beginning but of course I tried everything before I did it.


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