I'm just trying to track down my sudden unexplained CPU usage. I started using "Process Explorer" and notice that when I'm having my CPU issues, that "Hardware Interrupts" are taking around 40-50% of my CPU.

For instance, when I burn cd/dvd's, they take much much longer then they used to, and I notice the buffers aren't always full like they used to be. When burning through Nero, "Hardware Interrupts" are always around 40-50%CPU, while Nero itself only takes up .25-.50%CPU.

I don't know much about Hardware Interrupts, but I have a feeling that they might be the reason to my performance issues.

I'm also looking in the Event Viewer for system in the AdministratorTools and I see that the night that the problems started there are multiple warnings for "disk" and errors for "atapi".

I don't know what to do with this information, but I'm sure its all connected

Ideas? Thanks

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Thanks for the help....but F*** I just did a repair install of windows....seemed to fix......but

Now I just gotta get all the updates to install, they download, but not install.....F****......if its not one thing its something else......just imagine the day when Bill Gates is in jail and everyone from the future laughs at what we used to call "Computers"

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