Is there any good antivirus program that can run on my win 2003 server .. I downloaded Antivir but it says that it'll not run on a server. Any free one or something like that??

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There are two antivirus programs that some people tout as the 'creme of the crop'

You'll hear tons of people tout McAffee or Norton...but these are bloated resource hogging apps.

I personally prefer Kaspersky Antivirus for all of my servers/clients that I use. The main reason being it has such a small footprint and is so fast, I barely notice it running. It has all the benefits and none of the problems of other antivirus suites.

The other top dog is NOD32. You probably haven't heard of NOD32...but it has been kicking butt in the antivirus field (head to head competitions between antivirus suites) for quite a few years. The only one to give it a run for its money is...you got it...Kaspersky.

If I were you, I'd check out both of these fantastic antivirus apps.

Kasperksy: http://www.kaspersky.com/products
NOD32: http://www.nod32.com/home/home.htm

Hope that helps!

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Good advice! -- dlh
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