I guess you can't reinstall XP Home like Win 98. I know I have some corrupted files so I wanted to copy over them. I tried and now I'm prompted to Start Setup or Start XP Home. When I hit XP Home everything seems to be OK except for my Display Properties. I just get the backgroud theme at the Desktop and control panel, no screensaver, apperence, settings, etc. XP went to my default video driver and monitor and there is no way to set it, even through control panel. If I use safe mode they are all there, but you can't modify them. Anyone have a clue?

MSgt Chuck Heiser
San Antonio, Texas :o

XP Home seems to be correcting it self. Now I have the video driver and monitor installed, but still no full Display Properties at Desktop or Control Panel, and I still have to hit Start Windows XP Home. Is there a way to set it so it boots straight to XP Home? This unit consist of AMD 1.8 MHZ, 80 Gig HD, 512 DDR Memory, Gigabyte 7VAXP MB.

I got things pretty well back to normal. The only problem is when my system boots up, it stops at a prompt asking whether I want to "start Windows XP setup" or "start Windows XP". I have to highlight and enter "start Windows XP" to get to my desktop. Before, it would bootup straight to Window XP desktop. I checked the Bios boot sequence, all is fine. Any ideas how to get it back to a normal boot?

Right click on mycomputer/properties/Advance/startup and recovery /settings ,make sure winxp is setas default operating system

Thanks Caperjack, solved the problem. Also, cut the time down for the page from 5 to 0 sec. The only problem I still have is my Display Properties. I just get the backgroud theme at the Desktop and at control panel, no screensaver, apperence, settings tabs. When I go to control panel, theme, backgound, screen saver and resolution come up seperately, but resolution just gives me Display, with the DPI settings only. Display, below these four still just comes up with Theme, not all the other tabs. If I had to change the video card or monitor settings I wouldn't be able to do it. It's kinda difficult to explain this problem. If I go to Safe mode all the tabs show no matter which way you bring it up, desktop or control panel, but you can't make any changes, of course. Again, thanks for all your help. Chuck