Hi. My PC has WinXP SP2 and I have a problem with webpages not displaying properly in IE6. It seems that any site with the ending .aspx won't load at all, i just get a blank page with no error messages or anything to tell me what the problem is.
The view source tells me that javascript is disabled - but its not!
Also, parts of webpages written in Javascript won't display in IE6 even though all the right boxes are checked in Internet Options where Active Scripting and Java are enabled.
Java is enabled in Java Control Panel too.
If i go to Myspace for example, in the area of the page where the music player should be it tells me that either i have an old version of Flash Player installed (i don't, i have the latest version) or javascript is turned off (yet according to the IE6 settings menu, its enabled).
What is causing the machine to override its own settings? I have the latest version of JRE (v1.6 update 5) and windows is fully updated too.

Strangely enough though, i can view these pages perfectly in Opera browser and all the java bits and pieces work just fine. I can play a java game online using opera but i can't play a java game on my desktop because it won't load at all. Does anyone know why this is?

Another issue is that I have Mcafee Security Center which i want to uninstall as its out-of-date, but i can't because this won't display either, all i get is the Mcafee window launching ok but showing a blank screen, again with no error messages. When i try the mcafee uninstaller in Add or remove progs it just opens a blank mcafee window.
And all of the right-click options on the mcafee toolbar icon also open a blank page too.
It will carry out a virus scan when its scheduled to do so but i can't view the results - blank page again!

This is the third day i've spent trying to sort this out and i'm totally baffled. I've tried all the standard stuff like clearing caches, deleting temporary internet files and cookies etc, to no avail.
Also, I noticed that when i try ticking the box to enable access to Microsoft Virtual Machine in Set Program Access and Defaults, it won't stay ticked. Is this indicating a problem with MS-VM?

Most of the stuff i've read about java and scripting is aimed at developers and programmers and its way over my head to be honest, which is why i'm asking for help on here!
Does anyone have a clue whats gone wrong here?
Would there be any point in uninstalling all versions of Java and reinstalling
just the latest version? Or does the problem lie elsewhere, like in Microsoft VM for example?
I just don't understand why this goddamned machine is ignoring its own settings. Please help!

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get internet explorer 7, then get a very useful add-on from ie7pro.com. then your browser should be able to display java.


The problem you were having could be caused by McAfee Security Center's installer/uninstaller under certain circumstances. You can visit here for more information -
http://www.PartsOf10s.com/. Hope this will help.


As far as flash player is concerned,you can
check it in Add/Remove program if its installed or not. If its not ,than go to this link www.adobe.com and download this program from there and install it.

Than see if you are able to access websites properly. If still the problem persists,than
get back to us.

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