I posted this on the Viruses forum, but thought I'd put it here as well: Not sure how much of this is relevant, but I'll start when the problems started. A couple of days ago, my macafee subscription ran out. I wasn't too concerned, but then IE (I'm running 7.0) would crash to a problem page (like it was disconnected) and then multiple windows with the same message would pop up rapidly - about 40-50 before I could close them all.

I could either restart the computer, or the modem or the router and things would be ok for awhile (30 minutes or so) and then the same would happen. It's almost as if my firewall was off and I had opened the floodgates to spyware.

I ran Spybot and Adaware which found nothing other than standard tracking cookies. I renewed the subscription to MacAfee, updated it and ran a full scan (took over 2 hours). But I'm still having the same problem.

I'm running IE 7 and Windows Vista. Any thoughts?

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