Hi everyone, I cant get my computer to load past post. Ive taken out the cmos battery for a while but it did not work. Ive checked all cables and even replaced the hard drive. It just loads all the drive and devices then goe's no further. Im at my wits end trying to find out what can have happened. I cant boot from a recovery disk or i cant get into safe mode.
Hope someone can help me. My computer is a compaq presario sr20009uk windows xp pro.

ps I think im in the right thread im new to this.

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so many possibility's, bad Power supply,motherboard/cpu ,ram. hard drive .
first thing is to remove all pci addin cards,except video card if you have one and not onboard video , Ram and ,unplug hddrive ,cdroms ect ect , try a boot.
also when in the case make sure all fans are clear of dust buildup ,it will cause overheating


I did as you said but still had same problem, so i took out the lead of the smartmedia socket and usb combined the computer then booted into post and i got into the bios. I reset everything and it booted up normally, i then scanned the computer using compaq own recovery programme and everythings fine now. Thanks for all your help, this is the best forum ive been on.

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