How would I apply a local group policy for a specific local user? I've applied local group policy settings, but it applies it to every user, including the administrator...

Thanks to anyone who can help.


Can you guys pls give us a hint on this?
I been (still) looking for hours on this issue with no luck.
It seems to be the million question.
I havent try "modifying the permissions" on the GPO folder. I rather prefer a work around.

### Remember this is for the stand alone - none domain pc - scenario ###

Any help on this will be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance and best regards!!!

What kind of group policy are you talking about? You can set task based policies but I need to know what you're trying to do for instructions.

Hello OlyComputers,

Here is the scenario:

Every time you try to set a Group Policy in Windows XP (gpedit or mmc), this policy will be effective for all users in that computer (including the Administrator account) which of course I dont want to.

I know that for Windows Vista, you can set those groups policies individually. That is exactly what im trying to accomplish.

I want to set some Group Policies for my Guest account, so they can not use the Run command, the control pane, etc, but I dont want it to be effective to my Administrator account.

There should be a way to do this, but I cant find it.

Again, any hint on this will be highly appreciated.

Best regards and many thanks in advance!!


This is for Windows XP Pro SP2.

If you need any further details, please, let me know.

Thanks for the followup!!!

I've been watching and hoping somebody would have an answer for you, but no luck so far. I know that any resource sharing can be specified by user but I think everything else has to by group, that's why they created group policy in the first place.

Since you're only doing this for one account, and it's the guest, I don't see why you can't set up a group for it and make the changes on a group policy level.

Hi there,

Because its feature for users in an Active Directory environment.
For the same reason, if you customize them, they will apply to the whole computer as if the PC is being part of the domain.

There should be a work around for this.

I heard that if you denny access to the policy file (s) for any specific user (s) (admin, user1, etc), then those policies wont be affective to such user (s). But I also heard that it does not work some time, and, of course I dont want to risk the other accounts. However, if I dont find any alternative to it, then I would have to play around with the policy files.

I let you know as I go through.