Hi there,
This is a great web site and it's helped me sort all my recent problems out. I'm new to computers and I hop I explain myself properly with the problem Ive got. I have a problem sending e-mails on Outlook, it will let me recieve e-mails but when I send it comes up with SSL and my SP server will not work with this. I am lost on how to correct this problem.
Any ideas :?:
Thanks Merv

You need to fix the SMTP server settings. If you are trying to send through your Internet Service Provider then check their website for a support section -- ISPs tend to put the mail setup in easily accessible places for this reason. If you are NOT using your ISP to send then refer to whoever you got the account from. Generally your ISP has an SMTP server that you, being on their network, are allowed to send from -- they will know the settings for their SMTP server better than we will but if you run into trouble with that you should include who your ISP is so one of us can help you find the info.