Hey guys. I wanted to know how I could enter the CMOS Setup in my computer. It seems very similar to the BIOS.

And also, this might sound silly, how do I determine my computer's IP address.

I am running Windows 2000 Professional Edition. Gracias.:cheesy:

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You're referring to the BIOS Setup. Your CMOS is the actual memory area itself which stores the system configuration and setup data.

To access BIOS setup, you need to press a key or a key combination at the appropriate point during the initial Boot sequence. Pressing the correct key at 1 second intervals once the memory check begins is an almost bullet-proof way of getting the timing right! :D

In many instances, and invariably if the system is an unbranded one, the <Delete> key is the one to press. But quite a few manufacturers of 'Name-brand' PCs require a different keypress. Try the alternatives you'll find in this resource list:



Yea I just went to the Systems Information and found out the stuff I needed. But another question comes to mind after visiting the Systems Information page.

I saw that I had 2-3 Devices sharing the same IRQ. Everything works fine, but I wanted to know how I could resolve this issue if a greater conflict does occur.

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