ok so Im not sure if this should go here or in the nasties forum

all the OS's that I worked with today were win xp and my OS is win xp

earlier today I used my WD Passport portable hard drive to backup some files, and I also have some spyware/virus removal tools on it that I used to clean some computers. So when I get home I scan it to make sure its clean and as far as I can tell it is. But, there is a folder in there that was created today that was not part of the backup, the folder name is


inside this folder is another folder named update when I try to delete update I get an access denied make sure the disk is not full or the folder is write protected.......etc. when you hover over update the tool tip says that the folder is empty and I was able to delete all of the other files inside of 8529b62fbb6f36c50f34348bf651

So does anybody have or know of a way that I can get this off my portable hard drive