hey guys,

Ok, this isnt too serious a problem because its been present for a LOOOONG time now. I run windows XP so i have that windows security centre thing that tells me the state of my firewall and virusscan programs (on or off basically). One day, i went to turn on my computer and the little red shield with an X on it popped up on my toolbar, stating that i currently have no firewall and no antivirus software running on my computer, even though i presently run comodo pro and avg antivirus.they clearly work as they have saved me from viruses numerous times, and i have them scan my computer regularly. So why does the alert in the bottom right corner of my screen keep popping up? im sure i dont have a virus because it is a windows app, and its done nothing to hinder my computers performance. its just kind of an eyesore i guess....


Hey Valuum, it is possible to turn off that warning through the windows security center. just go to control panel and click on security center and then click on recommendations for the firewall and antivirus and check the box that says

I have a solution/antivirus that I will monitor myself

then click ok and thats it

o wow lol i cant believe i didnt see that...so simple... still, its pretty weird how windows security centre recognized the programs for the longest time then just stopped... w/e its all good now i dont have to look at them anymore! Thanks for the help!


no problem glad I could help

That option will hide the message, if you want to solve the problem, those warnings can be useful because they'll tell you if a virus disables your security software.

If you want to try to resolve the underlying issue try reinstalling your software and see if it shows up.