I am aware that RMDIR /S /Q will delete any directory in a quiet way even if it has content.
However, it does not allow the use of wild char for the removal in batch mode.
How can I accomplish the task of deleting several directories at once at the command line?


Hmm not sure if it's easy for windows. Linux would be another matter as I'm sure you already know.

The best I could come up with was using...

dir SL2007Ext*

to list all the directories.

I tried using

rd SL2007Ext*

but that didn't work.

Since I don't know Windows scripting in vbs, and having a version of the GNU Minimalistic (MSYS) installed, it occurred to me to use what I know. rm -r SL2007Ext? That did the trick.

However, further experimenting proved fruitful with FOR FOR /D %G IN ( SL2007Ext? ) DO RMDIR /S /Q %G Credits go to Dave Sinkula that initially pointed me to it, and encouraged me to post the solution for future searches.
If you want to include it in a batch script an extra % needs to be included in the variable.
e.g. FOR /D %%G IN ( SL2007Ext? ) DO RMDIR /S /Q %%G