I have Compaq Presario 2100 notebook, 30 GB Harddisk, 512 MB DDR, P4 . I am using windows XP Home (dont know the service pack right now).
I was using wireless comcast connection and it worked fine untill last sunday when I left my notebook on standby for 4-5 hours and then whenever I try to connect to internet, my computer crashes and restarts by itelf . It does give the message that 'Windows has recovered from serious error'. Its working fine when its not connected to internet. I had zonealarm installed on my computer. I ran Norton Antivirus (2004), but didnt detect any virus. I also restored the computer to a previous date, but it does not work. My friends notebook is working fine with the same wireless connection.

I dont have much technical knowledge about computers. I will be glad to provide any more information needed. Please let me know how I can fix this problem.


I'm not exactly 100% sure whether or not this will work but any help is appreciated right?

Two possible factors you may consider:
1. harddisk and its controller. i would suggest you have a complete surface scan on the HDD, under dos or windows real mode.
2. Network adapter, Can you try replace one to move it to another similar computer for test?

It could also be a hardware problem, I have known people who's computers have crashed upon connection to the internet just because their RAM stick was loose. Have you had any problems with hardware drivers in the past? Could you please specify the details of the crash? Does it freeze, does it give you a blue screen?


This is an old post but I have just come to it now with a very similar (if not the same) problem.
I have connected my laptop (running Windows XP) to the Internet for the first time (ADSL connection) and, although it seems that it can perform a few activities through the Internet (e.g. download updates for the Antivirus program.), my laptop crashes (with a blue screen) any time I attempt to open a webpage (IE) or when I start ICQ.
Windows restarts and I get a message saying the system has recovered from a serious error.

Has anyone else experienced the same problem?

Thank you,

Rocker Duck

try using Firefox or any other browser.....and check for viruses and unwnted sw

I have tried also with Firefox but I had the same problem. Eventually my PC downloaded some Windows updates which improved the situation. After installing the updates I could open a webpage but as soon as I started clicking on some links, again XP crashed. However in the end it turned out that somehow the Antivirus firewall was causing the crash. I remove the Antivirus and installed a different one and the problem was solved.

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